Bring Your Garden To Life

…with Garden Bright, the all new DIY Garden Lighting System.

When it comes to high quality, eco-friendly, all weather garden lights that are easy to install and cheap to run, nothing beats the all new do-it-yourself Garden Bright LED Garden Lighting Systems. With Garden Bright you can light up your garden, making it safe and beautiful from dusk till dawn.

Garden Bright LED lighting boxAfter dark, when the sun has set, use the all new Garden Bright LED garden lighting system to dramatically accentuate trees, shrubs and buildings and make your garden stand out in the neighbourhood.

With its weather proof construction, and energy saving 0.5 watt LED bulbs, the Garden Bright LED lighting system is the perfect solution for home owners who want a pre-assembled lighting kit so easy to install that no electrician is required.

The LED light bulbs used in all of our lighting systems are eco-friendly and provide a whiter, brighter glow for a lot less energy than standard lights.


Easy To Install – No Electrician Required Garden Lights

DIY LED garden lightsNo electrician garden lightsThe Garden Bright DIY kit is so quick & easy to install – it requires absolutely no cutting of wires, no soldering, no heat shrink & no difficult connections to set up your lights and get your garden looking amazing.

The secret to our no-electrician-required garden lighting system is our simple, yet totally unique, complete wiring harness that removes the need for you to cut any wires.

The double moulded waterproof wiring harness connects each light in the set removing any need to create the connections yourself.

In fact, the only connection to be made is a simple plug-in screw connection from the power supply to the main cable line.

Our outdoor LED lighting kits come in a pre-assembled kit of 4 lights.

Each kit includes a 10 watt electrical transformer with 4 lights already connected and by simply adding on kits as required you can safely increase the number of lights (to a maximum of 12 lights) to completely transform any garden into a night time wonderland.

For more information, download our simple 5 steps installation guide.






Full Of Features

With Garden Bright you can light up your garden, making it safe and beautiful from dusk till dawn.

Warm White Light

Warm White Light

Warm bright light perfect for entertaining areas, gardens.

Expand Up To 12 Lights

Expand Up To 12 Lights

Fill large areas with light with our expandable LED lighting system.

Cool To Touch

Cool To Touch

Safe to touch LED lights.

Energy Saving LED LIghts

Energy Saving LED LIghts

Save up to 80% on electricity bills.

Benefits of LED’s

LEDs are much more efficient than “regular” incandescent light bulbs due to the fact that they give off almost no heat; so a much higher percentage of the electricity used goes towards making light, rather than incandescent bulbs where a good percentage of it ends up being converted to heat.

Reasons to use LED

eco friendly garden lights

  • No EMI – Electromagnetic interference
  • LEDs are lead & mercury free, which contribute to environmental sustainability
  • ‘Solid State Lighting’ – LEDs are made of solid material with no filament or tube or bulb to break
  • Don’t flicker – flickering may give you a headache
  • No warm up period – LEDs light & reach full brightness instantly
  • Quality of light – more warm white
  • Silent – no buzz, no hum
  • Colour range
  • Highly directional  – with LEDs you can direct the light where you want it, thus no light is wasted
  • Energy-efficient – up to 80% more efficient than incandescents
  • Last longer – forget about changing your light bulbs
  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Save on maintenance
  • Good for the planet
  • Cool to touch
  • Produce less heat
  • Environmentally friendly lighting
  • No UV emissions which means insects are not attracted to LEDs like traditional lighting
  • No Infrared radiation

led garden lights sydneyENJOY THE PEACE OF MIND

If you experience any difficulties or a problem develops with the product during the 2 year warranty period from date of purchase, please contact GardenBright.

We may be able to help identify specific problems and possibly solve them before the unit is returned to us for a refund, repair or replacement.

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What customers are saying about Garden Bright LED Lighting Systems.


Wattle Grove

Arrived quickly, easy to setup, and give my pool area a great atmosphere at night. Have even bought the add-on kit to extend the system.


Dover Heights

I love my new Gardenbright lights. I bought 24 lights to illuminate my front garden and driveway. I am not much of a handyman but I installed them all myself ; the entire exercise took only two hours. I now intend adding some more in the backyard. Thanks Gardenbright.



From pack to garden this was easy to install with great results. I have scattered the lights through the front garden,spacing between the lights was enough to give a wonderful effect and with minimal power consumption.

FREE DOWNLOADlighting installation guide
GardenBright Do-It-Yourself Guide

The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Installing LED Garden Lights In 5 Simple Steps

Get Detailed Instructions
For detailed instructions about installing our GardenBright LED garden lights you can download our in-depth DIY guide with step by step instructions.

  • Save time and money.
  • Cover small or large areas.
  • No electrician required.
  • Easy to install instruction guide.