Light Up Your Night With GardenBright LED Garden Lighting Kits

After dark, when the sun has set, use the all new GardenBright LED lighting system to dramatically accent trees, shrubs and buildings and make your garden stand out in the neighbourhood.

Gardenbright is an Australian based company specialising in LED garden lights.

Gardenbright found a gap in the marketplace for quality LED garden lights that are simple to install.

The Gardenbright LED kits we provide, allow you to fully customise the look of your garden without the need to hire a professional.

Our DIY kit is so quick & easy to install – it requires absolutely no soldering, no heat shrink & no difficult connections to be done. In fact, the only connection to be made is a simple plug-in screw connection from the power supply to the main cable line.

We use LEDs exclusively, as they are eco-friendly and provide you with a long lasting light that uses a lot less energy.

Environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions complete with a 2 year warranty – make Gardenbright your light of choice.