DIY Garden Lighting Add-On System – 4 Pack


Garden Bright outdoor LED lighting comes in a pre-assembled kit of 4 lights. The Do-It-Yourself Kit provided in this add-on package includes 4 x 1/2 watt add-on LED garden spike lights & complete wiring harness.

As this is an add-on kit, it does not include a transformer and must be used in conjuction with the 'Gardenbright 4 Pack With Transformer' kit.

By simply plugging the 2 wiring harnesses together, you can increase the number of lights to 8.

A maximum of 12 x 1/2 LED lights can be used on a single 10 watt transformer.

For best results, please follow our installation instructions on the pack.

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Designed as an add-on kit to be used with the ‘GardenBright 4 pack With Transformer’ this kit can be used for multiple purposes… to illuminate paths and driveways, draw attention to a sculpture, fountain or trees, shrubs or exterior walls.


  • Includes a 12.6 m pre-assembeled wiring harness kit
  • 4 x LED waterproof black metal lights with directional hood and 8″ in-ground stake.
  • 4 x Extra Bright LED bulbs (included) that emit a bright white glow.
  • Cover small or wide areas with up to a 60 degree wide beam angle
  • Economical to operate, eco-friendly system with up to 90% energy savings.
  • Easy to install

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